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Chowdhurty Communications is one of the top UK based VoIP Service Provider concentrating on Internet Telephony Solutions for businesses, VoIP reseller programs and VoIP wholesale services across different areas of capability. We provides a bunch of cost-effective VoIP solutions, which include world class quality VoIP Call Termination at lucrative rates. Our dream is to become as a major VoIP Service Provider by incorporating telephony system with the state-of-the-art technologies.

VOIP Stands for four different words e.g. Voice Over Internet Protocol, It means sending voice over the internet through the IP. Modern Science makes it possible to send voice as data through internet. It is called VOIP in short form. Now a days a lots of VOIP Provider Company Can be found among the marketplace of VoIP. All of them are not quality full enough. But we can proudly say that we are eligible to fulfill the needs of the customers. We are not saying that we are the best. But we can say that we are able to keep pace with any other VoIP service provider companies. Since 2007 we are serving the people of middle east & now we’re gonna introduce U with a new mobile dialer named Unique Call. To enjoy Our Services contact your nearest Unique Call service provider and keep in touch with your nearest and dearest peoples … !

• We provide a sophisticate solution to all your telephony requirements.
• Reliable, stable and secure service.
• Peerless IP telephony provider targeting more than 5 billion minutes by 2015
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The best dialer for low profile mobile internet service. This ensures high quality in slow internet connection. This is very good dialer operated in Dubai.

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